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Equipment Rental

ADI Communications and Systems has been operating a rental department for walkie-talkies and Easy Talk devices for 12 years.
The company is trying to gain a lot of accumulated experience in setting up communication systems for large events, even if they are for very short periods of local and national contact.

ADI Communications has a wide range of radios in all areas of frequencies licensed to work in Israel, Easy Talk devices in private and group communication, accessories and their adaptation to the customer’s needs.

ADI Communications provides its customers with radio and easy talk rental services for short or long periods.
Rental of radios and easy talk suitable for a variety of events and activities between: families traveling abroad and wanting to save on communication costs between family members, field trips, event productions, performances, TV and film productions, conferences, exhibitions and a wide range of uses.

ADI Communications Company consists of the customer to adapt the equipment rented activities for which the equipment is intended. Together with our team can not choose the radios and special packages in the rental of Easy Talk devices – for free, group personal contact, and contact with all Easy Talk subscribers in Israel.

ADI Communications offers its customers a wide range of equipment during: static radios, GSS headphones for radios and portable relays to improve reception.

The company’s customers include a variety of institutional, business and private customers. Starting with government bodies, local authorities, international organizations, event production companies, hospitals, educational institutions, security and guarding companies, building contractors, infrastructure companies and more.

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